Monday, June 8, 2009

Writers: How to Land Online Radio & Podcast Interviews

Mary Anne’s Note: The following article is actually part of a free report I received from the editor of one of the ezines I subscribe to. While the author wrote it for internet marketers, I think it contains great advice for writers trying to publicize their books and/or writing services.

By Nicole Dean

Imagine being a talk show host for a weekly podcast. What’s the one thing you need every single week? Guests. Lots and lots of expert guests.

You think finding content for your website is hard? Trying pinning down guests each week for interviews. My good friend, Kelly McCausey, has been recording an online show since 2003 – every single week at That’s a lot of guests.

I recently interviewed Kelly to ask the question "What makes a good guest and what makes you want to invite someone back?" Here are some pointers to increase your odds of getting on a show and being asked back:

1. Actually listen to the show a few times before even thinking of contacting the host as a potential guest. Make sure your concept fits into the market that the show reaches. If the show is about Health, then don’t pitch your candy-making cookbook on there.

2. Do something newsworthy or interesting. Are you having a special event for charity? Have you recently won an award? If your idea is timely, you’ll stand out and the host may contact you sooner rather than later.

3. Have something interesting to say. If you just plan to talk about your products, then don’t ask to be a guest. Buy an ad instead.

4. If you have sample interviews or media exposure, tell the host about it in your inquiry letter. Direct her to your media page where you link to past interviews, if you have them.
One Good Turn Deserves Another

With the Host or Hostess giving so much to you, what are you expected to do in return?

• Provide a list of questions in advance.
• Send a sample of your product to the host before you appear on the show.
• Tell your newsletter list about the interview and where to find it. Your host will be more
likely to have you back if you are willing to publicize your interviews.
• Blog about your interview.
• Be a gracious guest and be sure to say "Thank you" when the interview is over. (A gift
is also nice.)

Hot Tip! You may also ask the host for a copy of the interview that you can add to youraffiliate center.

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